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Andrew Rogerson

Andy is a co-founder of Grist. Prior to founding Grist, Andy was marketing director at the Economist Intelligence Unit in London and New York.
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Survey highlights need for best practice content marketing for professional services firms

28 April 2016

In February 2016 I was asked to give a presentation to the PM Forum on best practice content marketing for professional services firms. Prior to the sold-out event, Grist surveyed the attendees (senior marketing and communications ... Read more →

A resolution for B2B content marketing in 2016

06 January 2016

With the New Year well and truly under way you may well have budget in place for future content marketing initiatives. But have you finalised your plans on exactly how to maximise the opportunity? Driven by positive press reports and the ... Read more →

Amplify B2B content distribution using paid media

28 October 2015

In a previous post we discussed the merits of unbundling, repurposing and amplifying content that often starts life in print form or buried within a PDF. We now want to dig a little deeper into the amplification – and in doing so reach for ... Read more →

PESO: a new guide to B2B content distribution

16 October 2015

No sooner are the principles of ‘owned’, ‘earned’ and ‘paid’ media learned, absorbed and deployed then along comes PESO – a four letter acronym replacing the three well understood words to add further complexity. Read more →

The five fundamentals of engaging B2B content

02 October 2015

There is an awful lot of money spent on content – in fact, B2B marketers spend over a quarter of their budget on it and 55% expect to increase their spend in the next 12 months, according to research released this year by the Content ... Read more →

The four essentials of effective B2B social media strategy

17 September 2015

Many B2B firms are struggling to capture the full opportunity from social media. Those that take it seriously and plan for success will have a distinct competitive advantage. According to AdWeek’s Social Times, half of B2B marketers ... Read more →

Three questions to guide your content audit

10 April 2015

The content audit is an invisible and often thankless task. But it’s also a critical component of B2B content marketing strategy that will save you time and money in the future. According to the latest benchmarking study from the Content ... Read more →

One simple method to bring professional services firms closer to their audiences

12 February 2015

Professional services firms are a collection of experts highly skilled in, and remunerated on, particular disciplines. Seen in this way, firms’ organisation by service lines makes perfect sense. However, the corresponding alignment of ... Read more →