Ten tips for successful business blogging

Posted by Andrew Rogerson | 18-06-14


A well-maintained blog can deliver numerous benefits to your organisation, from increased web traffic and lead generation to heightened brand awareness. If you’re considering a company blog or have one that’s not performing as you’d like, take note of our top ten tips for successful B2B blogging:

  1. Be strategic  Your blog should be a part of your social media and/or wider marketing plan. Understand why you’re creating a blog in the first place. What is it intended to achieve?
  2. Know your audience  Who are you speaking to? What do they want to know? Which types of content are most appealing?
  3. Find your voice  Blog posts tend to be informal. Be personal to the extent your audience and subject matter will allow. Let your individual voice and personality come through.
  4. Have a clear message  Readability is key. Less is more – stick to one topic per post.
  5. Post consistently  Regular updates are essential for developing your readership. Use an editorial calendar to plan posts ahead of time.
  6. Deliver non-branded content  Save the self-promotion for your advertising. Use your blog to demonstrate knowledge of the industry and address common questions or timely issues.
  7. Engage  Respond to comments. Thank readers for taking time to participate. Encourage sharing.
  8. Link and tag  Blogs can greatly assist your SEO efforts. Link where appropriate and tag all posts with relevant keywords. Ensure your blog is clearly connected to your website.
  9. Invite guest bloggers to post  Offering views from a range of writers is a great way to keep content fresh and bring new readers to your blog.
  10. Would you share it?  Before posting, ask yourself: is this something you would find interesting or valuable enough to share with others?


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