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Posted by Andrew Rogerson | 31-03-20


Several clients have been in touch in the past couple of days to ask about what we can do to help with comms in response to Covid-19. We know this will be a tricky time for you, with the business busier than ever helping clients, and with little time to work on the comms updates that will be required. We’ve therefore put the following options together in case you could use our help.

Urgent comms updates

A range of materials including opinion pieces, blogs, website landing pages, service updates and brochures summarising the impact of Coronavirus on your clients and how you can best help.

We are leveraging our network of more than 500 writers globally and currently working on a two- to three-day turnaround time for the most urgent materials. Most of these materials require just a single 30-minute interview with a senior executive.

We can also set up a ‘review and revise’ process to ensure the content is continually updated as the situation evolves.

Pulse survey of client responses to Coronavirus

A pulse survey (5-10 questions to 50-100 respondents) to find out how your clients and partners are coping/intending to cope in these difficult times ­– exploring the magnitude of the problem from your clients’ perspective, the solutions they’re thinking about, the role of professional services, implications of acting early, and so on.

There are several options for content deliverables – we’d recommend something around 2,000 words to do justice to the findings, but this could be broken up into more modular content or delivered as one report. The total time from agreement to live content could be as little as four weeks, with a couple of extra weeks required if design needs to be factored in.

This survey-based approach could work as a one-off or could be built into a tracker survey over time, asking the same questions regularly to gauge changes in attitude and response on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Best practice when it starts to emerge

Some options to consider for beyond these initial phases, where we can also help:

  • Deeper dives (again, potentially through snap surveys) into some of the more pressing themes to emerge from the research e.g. business continuity and how clients are coping 
  • Talking to clients/prospects once best practice starts to emerge and creating content from these interviews

If you’d like to discuss options further on any of these, or anything else we can help you with on this topic, please don’t hesitate to let me know:


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