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How to use templates to elevate B2B content

20 March 2017

We use content templates here at Grist and we think you should too. Why? In short because they help structure editorial production and output. They bring order to the process and definition to the copy, without compromising creativity.  ... Read more →

The why and how of the content calendar. What every B2B marketer needs to know

23 November 2016

At Grist we believe there are six key editorial tools every marketer should adopt: client personas, content templates, content calendars, article briefs, the editorial style guide and analytics. In this series we have already looked in ... Read more →

The article brief is an essential B2B content marketing tool. Here’s why.

03 August 2016

In a previous post I encouraged the smart B2B content marketer to think and act like a publisher. In that spirit I introduced six editorial tools. In this post we’re going to look at one of those tools in more detail – the article brief. ... Read more →

Six editorial tools B2B content marketers aren’t using (but really should)

17 June 2016

Think like a publisher, act like a publisher. At Grist we believe this is a useful maxim for B2B firms looking to extract maximum value from the content they produce. But perhaps it sounds a little glib, an empty aphorism for the ... Read more →

The two characteristics of successful B2B content marketing

25 May 2016

When Grist asked senior marketing and communications professionals earlier this year to rank the effectiveness of their firm’s content marketing programmes, the results were stark. Just 13 per cent described those programmes as ‘very ... Read more →

A resolution for B2B content marketing in 2016

06 January 2016

With the New Year well and truly under way you may well have budget in place for future content marketing initiatives. But have you finalised your plans on exactly how to maximise the opportunity? Driven by positive press reports and the ... Read more →

Willis and Grist win Best Corporate Publication at the CorpComms Awards

08 December 2015

We’re delighted to share the news that Resilience, which we produce with Willis the global risk advisor, insurance and reinsurance broker, has won the award for Best corporate publication at the 10th CorpComms awards. Read more →

Seven deadly sins of client publications

22 October 2015

A great publication can make a profitable impact on clients and prospects. One that falls short will more than likely meet a grisly end. If your publications are not achieving real business benefits, there is every chance you are falling ... Read more →

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