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Content distribution: Lessons from the B2B leaders

06 December 2017

We talked to the client-facing teams in 150 professional services, financial services and technology firms to find out how the leading B2B content marketing exponents plan, create, distribute and measure content, compared to the rest. In ... Read more →

What's the best time to publish thought leadership?

15 December 2016

At Grist, we wanted to understand when senior executives preferred to read thought leadership content. With the help of the first Value of B2B Thought Leadership Survey this is what we discovered. There’s a phrase for it. It’s called ‘al ... Read more →

Search is part of the equation but content is the sum of the parts

23 September 2016

B2B marketers, armed with limited budgets and facing a choice between spending the bulk of it on content creation or SEO, are entitled to be a little confused. Using SEO to complement the editorial will maximise ROI. “What time is the ... Read more →

Optimising B2B content for search and social alchemy

22 January 2016

Discover the dark arts of online editing that can help you turn base content into digital gold. Content marketing is a key opportunity for B2B firms to engage, inform and influence clients. But quality control remains a major challenge. Read more →

Amplify B2B content distribution with owned media

03 December 2015

In the last of our series considering the PESO model we’re going to look at ‘o’ for owned. Having examined how to amplify content through paid, earned and shared media it’s now time to look in your own backyard – to examine what ... Read more →

Amplify B2B content distribution with shared media

13 November 2015

In this post from our series about the PESO content distribution framework, we’re going to talk about the ‘S’ in the PESO model – ‘shared media’.  Read more →

Amplify B2B content distribution with earned media

03 November 2015

In this series, we have made the case for unbundling, repurposing and amplifying content that originated elsewhere, often in print. In the previous post we discussed how to amplify content through paid media. Working through the PESO ... Read more →

Amplify B2B content distribution using paid media

28 October 2015

In a previous post we discussed the merits of unbundling, repurposing and amplifying content that often starts life in print form or buried within a PDF. We now want to dig a little deeper into the amplification – and in doing so reach for ... Read more →

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