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Search is part of the equation but content is the sum of the parts

23 September 2016

B2B marketers, armed with limited budgets and facing a choice between spending the bulk of it on content creation or SEO, are entitled to be a little confused. Using SEO to complement the editorial will maximise ROI. “What time is the ... Read more →

The article brief is an essential B2B content marketing tool. Here’s why.

03 August 2016

In a previous post I encouraged the smart B2B content marketer to think and act like a publisher. In that spirit I introduced six editorial tools. In this post we’re going to look at one of those tools in more detail – the article brief. ... Read more →

Note to B2B content marketers – technology is an enabler not a panacea

20 July 2016

Driven by the potential of technology, B2B marketers are understandably tempted by the potential to personalise client experiences. But technology should be seen as the enabler for a content marketing strategy, and not the other way ... Read more →

The implications of Brexit for B2B content marketers

04 July 2016

The UK’s decision to leave the EU presents both risk and opportunity for the B2B marketing community. Now is the time to refocus efforts and be genuinely helpful to clients and prospects. Doing nothing is not an option. “Never let a good ... Read more →

Five of the best thought leadership programmes from PwC

21 June 2016

We recently started working with PwC on a thought leadership programme, and as part of the process of getting to know them better I’ve been reviewing their content marketing. As you would expect from the world’s largest professional ... Read more →

Six editorial tools B2B content marketers aren’t using (but really should)

17 June 2016

Think like a publisher, act like a publisher. At Grist we believe this is a useful maxim for B2B firms looking to extract maximum value from the content they produce. But perhaps it sounds a little glib, an empty aphorism for the ... Read more →

Five questions to ask before hiring an agency for B2B content marketing

03 June 2016

Not all content is created equally. And not all agencies are the same. Read more →

The two characteristics of successful B2B content marketing

25 May 2016

When Grist asked senior marketing and communications professionals earlier this year to rank the effectiveness of their firm’s content marketing programmes, the results were stark. Just 13 per cent described those programmes as ‘very ... Read more →