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Research shows when it comes to B2B thought leadership surveys, size isn’t everything

26 March 2019

With the opportunity to canvass business leaders around the world, we naturally asked what inspires trust in thought leadership – what it is about a piece of content that really engages them. Unsurprisingly, quality analysis is highly ... Read more →

Who should you interview for B2B thought leadership targeted at the C-suite?

07 March 2019

Accepted wisdom in B2C marketing says that ‘people like us’ are the ones we listen to. Furthermore, it is demographics like age, ethnicity, gender and location that are considered the strongest indicators of who those ‘people like us’ are. ... Read more →

The commercial imperative: How thought leadership has moved from brand-building to business-building

19 February 2019

Once upon a time, thought leadership was a brand-awareness exercise. It was something you invested in to get your name and logo on a report that would be passed around and read by the wider industry, by prospects and clients alike. It was ... Read more →

Whose views should you build thought leadership around? It might not be who you think.

14 February 2019

Often when companies create thought leadership, or any type of content really, the default is to present the company’s view. Even in today’s client-centric world it’s still “here’s OUR version of events; this is what WE make of this market ... Read more →

Everything you ever wanted to know about marketing research surveys (but were too afraid to ask)

30 January 2019

We talk a lot about survey-based thought leadership here at Grist, but the word 'survey' can conjure up different ideas for different marcomms professionals. Some think throwing something together on SurveyMonkey to send to a small client ... Read more →

The growing importance of data to the value of thought leadership

14 January 2019

The importance of thought leadership for B2B marketing has been confirmed by our latest research that found 99% of senior executives at enterprise firms believe that it is either important or critical in assessing the suitability of a new ... Read more →

Building the business case for thought leadership: Interview with Nicole Revers, SI Partners

21 November 2018

In this instalment from our interview series on building the business case for thought leadership, we hear from Nicole Revers, Global Marketing & OD Director at SI Partners, on how she attained approval and budget for their recent thought ... Read more →

How to get your internal audience involved in your firm’s thought leadership

14 November 2018

Getting approval from the C-suite is imperative to the success of your thought leadership programme – but you mustn’t forget the rest of your company. Your internal audience, whether they’re across the office or across the world from you, ... Read more →

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