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Phil Harding

Phil manages a growing portfolio of financial and consulting accounts at Grist. He previously headed Incisive Media’s contract publishing business and has managed print and digital projects for over 25 financial and B2B clients. As a former publisher of The Actuary, Reinsurance, and People Management, he has particular experience in the insurance, risk, pensions and HR markets.
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Grist on the road! London to Brighton Bike Ride 2017

26 May 2017

On 18th June, a few plucky members of the Grist gang will be donning the lycra and pedalling the 54 miles from London to Brighton in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Your support can help save lives and make a real difference. It may ... Read more →

How to use templates to elevate B2B content

20 March 2017

We use content templates here at Grist and we think you should too. Why? In short because they help structure editorial production and output. They bring order to the process and definition to the copy, without compromising creativity.  ... Read more →

The why and how of the content calendar. What every B2B marketer needs to know

23 November 2016

At Grist we believe there are six key editorial tools every marketer should adopt: client personas, content templates, content calendars, article briefs, the editorial style guide and analytics. In this series we have already looked in ... Read more →

Optimising B2B content for search and social alchemy

22 January 2016

Discover the dark arts of online editing that can help you turn base content into digital gold. Content marketing is a key opportunity for B2B firms to engage, inform and influence clients. But quality control remains a major challenge. Read more →

How the right content can shorten the B2B buyer journey

19 March 2015

All content should be created with a purpose. For professional services firms, that purpose should be to guide potential clients through the decision-making process. But how do you tell if you are providing value every step of the way? ... Read more →

Buyer behaviour makes content marketing a must for B2B brands

14 January 2015

Most of the legwork in B2B purchasing decisions is done before any direct contact with suppliers. In the race to influence buyer behaviour, content marketing can get you to the front of the grid. According to MarketingProfs, up to 70% of ... Read more →

Writing for your online B2B audience

20 August 2014

Clients in B2B markets easily grow tired of receiving digital content. A lot of it says much the same thing and is very long-winded. Read more →

Three building blocks to an effective content marketing strategy

19 March 2014

Most forward-thinking professional service firms are acutely aware of the need for more quality content. But far fewer have a formal content marketing strategy to help them create it. Read more →